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Our Broker Support Team have handled thousands of calls, so they get to hear first-hand where brokers are having difficulties or need clarification on anything.

We have rounded-up some of the most common questions we get asked and here, we provide answers that should help make it easier for you to get quotes, keep clients on cover and simplify processes as we head into 2019.

Can you cover vehicles that have been written off?

Our insurers can provide indemnity for all write off categories other than A or B.

For any vehicle that has been written off to be covered, we will require a valid MOT as evidence that the relevant repairs have taken place. If there was structural damage (category S), we will also require an engineers report confirming that the vehicle repairs have been carried out by a professional firm, and that these meet the relevant regulatory requirements. Vehicles will need to meet the DVLA’s requirements for road safe vehicles in order for cover to be granted.

It’s important to highlight that these are not agreed value policies. Indemnity will only be provided in line with the market value of the vehicle at the time of claim.

Can you cover imported vehicles?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer cover for any imported vehicles.

Can you cover Chauffers?

Our taxi product can offer cover for public and private hire drivers, with the relevant taxi licence. Providing a chauffeur has the necessary licence from their local authority, and the vehicle value does not exceed our maximum vehicle value or ABI group rating, they would be able to have a policy with us.

What is the process for Account queries?

All queries need to be processed via your monthly Account statement. The queries are updated on the statement, it is then sent back to and they are dealt with accordingly.  These cannot be dealt with by the Underwriting team.

What NCB types do you accept on Courier policies?

Genuine Courier bonus can be accepted on a Courier policy. This must not be in use on any other vehicle or mirrored.

The different types of introductory bonus are as follows:

Company Van (Courier)

Letterheaded evidence from the Limited company for which the driver previously worked for must be provided in line with NCB requirements.  It needs to include the number years' driving experience and details of any claims during this time.

Private Car

A copy of the client's current schedule can be provided as evidence, or the insurer issued NCB if the policy has lapsed.

Commercial Vehicle

Only insurer issued NCB is acceptable for this introductory discount.

How many drivers can I have on my policy?

Courier policies can accommodate Proposer only through to Proposer plus 3 Named Drivers (including Spouse). There is also an Any Driver over 30 option, but all regular drivers must be named for an Anjuna quote to be correct.

Taxi Policies can accommodate Proposer only to Proposer plus 3 Named Drivers (including Spouse).

I’ve set up a policy for Proposer plus Spouse. The spouse doesn’t have a taxi badge but the system is asking for a date. What do I do?

You will need to enter licence passed date for the spouse for the system to quote. Any Proposer plus Spouse policy would only allow SD&P use for the spouse.

Do you need documents at both new business and renewal stage?

For new business we require:

- Insurer issued proof of no claims bonus
- Driving licences for all drivers
- DVLA summaries for all drivers
- Taxi badges for all drivers (where applicable)
- V5 document or Lease Agreement

For renewal business we require:

- Driving licences for all drivers
- DVLA summaries for all drivers
- Taxi badges for all drivers (where applicable)
- V5 document or Lease Agreement if the vehicle has changed mid term or at renewal

What Lease Agreements are acceptable?

All lease agreements must include:

- Name and Address of the Policyholder
- Vehicle registration
- Lease length (must be a minimum of 12 months)
- A statement confirming that the lessor is responsible for insuring the vehicle

My quote has referred or declined on the portal, can you tell me why?

All refer and decline reasons can be found by following the “click here” link, illustrated in the image below:

If the client has had a claim in the last 12 months can this still be protected?

- If the client has had a fault claim in the last 12 months the policy cannot be protected.
- If the client's claim is still open then the claim must be input into the system as a fault claim with NCB prejudiced until it has been closed otherwise.

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