Telematics and risk management support with Anjuna policies

Since Anjuna Underwriting was formed in 2017, we have seen great demand for our courier and taxi fleet products.

We are pleased to advise that, alongside our exceptional insurance offering, we are also able to assist our broker partners with both telematics and bespoke risk management support for your clients.


What services are available?

The Bollington Risk Management team works in conjunction with Anjuna Underwriting to deliver:

  • Telematics and camera systems – with the latest technology to deliver video footage of accidents direct to insurers and fleet managers immediately after an incident occurs. Allows fleet managers to track vehicles on the road in real time and highlights any driver training required, helping to reduce risk and improve your claims experience.
  • Fleet audits – serving fleet operators in ensuring they optimise their vehicle fleets, assisting in reducing costs and risks by making fleets as efficient as possible.
  • Driver training – we offer classroom, online or in-cab training sessions to ensure drivers are fully aware of best practices while on the road, not only reducing the risk of accidents occurring but also making your fleet more fuel-efficient and reducing wear and tear on vehicles.
  • Health and Safety policy – our experienced risk managers can review existing Health and Safety policy, assess Health and Safety arrangements and procedures, and provide a full written report of their findings.
  • Risk assessments and regulatory arrangements – including fire risk assessments for clients operating from depots and/or with vehicle workshops, for example.


A full insurance and risk management solution

Andy Barnes, Director of Risk Management, comments: “Anjuna provides everything needed to keep fleets and drivers safe on the road, with quality, bespoke risk management allied to our great value insurance offering.

“We provide a one-stop solution for brokers looking to place fleet risks, with decades of experience in both insuring and managing risks in this sector.”

If you’re looking for hassle free placement of courier and taxi fleet risks – with the support of a specialist risk management team to keep drivers safe and fleets running as efficiently as possible – then contact Bollington Underwriting on 01625 348040 to get a fleet quote and see how we can help you place, and retain, this business.