Notification of Anjuna Policy Wording Changes

Policy Wording Amendments - NOTICE

New Business – effective 1st August 2018

Renewals – effective 20th August 2018


Anjuna Underwriting has made amendments to the following contracts:

  • Taxi Single Vehicle
  • Courier Single Vehicle
  • Taxi Fleet
  • Courier Fleet
  • Motor Trade Road Risks

Please refer to each individual contract for the changes that have been made. You can use this matrix for ease of reference.

A number of changes have been made to our contracts to standardise and bring uniformity across our policies.

The key changes affecting levels of cover and policy conditions are noted below, however please refer to each contract individually for all the amendments.

An increased excess will apply where a claim is notified later than 21 days after the incident.

Late Notification of Claims (Excluding Windscreen)

In addition to any other Voluntary or Compulsory excess, an Additional excess in respect of any damage, for late claim reporting will apply as detailed below:

A reduction in excess will apply where third party details are captured and reported within 48 hours of the claim occurring

Reducing Your Excess In The Event Of An Incident (Excluding Windscreen)

If you report an incident within 48 hours of the event and provide full details of any third party involved your excess will be reduced by £250 (£100 in respect of Motor Trade Road Risks). The minimum third-party information required is detailed below but not limited to:

  • Contact telephone number
  • Number Plate
  • Address
  • Insurer

Data Protection and GDPR

Customer Information

The Data Protection Notice and Data Protection Act 1998 as been replaced with How We Use Your Information and Privacy Notice.

Market Value

Market value definition has been clarified and the maximum limit of indemnity will be no more than the value stated in the schedule.

Driving Under The Influence (own damage and legal costs)

Driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs has been excluded

Continental use/Compulsory insurance requirements (Taxi Fleet and Courier Fleet only)

Wording has been replaced and standardised in line with our other contracts.

Driver Assault Cover (Taxi Fleet Only)

This section has been deleted, automatic cover will no longer apply. Should a client wish to purchase this cover, please contact Anjuna Underwriting and we will consider each request on a case by case basis.

Making A Claim and Using Third Party Repairer – Anjuna Liability Costs Limited

When a claim has occurred and our Insured chooses to use a third party for own damage repairs; if at any point the repairs go wrong or are disputed and the claim is referred back to Anjuna Underwriting our liability will be limited to the amount the claim would have cost had it been handled by our own repair network from the outset.


We have the right to the salvage of any insured property.