Your Gateway to Quality New Products: 5 Reasons to choose Holava Underwriting

All you need to know about Holava Underwriting, the new MGA from Bollington Underwriting

It’s now been over six months since we introduced you to Holava Underwriting, the new MGA from Bollington Underwriting that offers A-rated insurance products backed with our expert service.

Tell me more about Holava Underwriting…

Formed in 2019, Holava Underwriting is an MGA backed with A-rated capacity from HDI Global SE.

Products currently available include:

  • Property owners’ insurance
  • Buy-to-let insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Craft brewery insurance

There are more new products on the way in 2020. Watch this space and be among the first brokers to take advantage of our exclusive new schemes as they go live.

Why you should choose Holava

If you need motivation to take out cover through Holava, look no further.

Here are five reasons why your clients will thank you for placing their business with Holava.

1. A-rated capacity

Your clients are savvier than ever. With insurance capacity becoming more limited in certain markets, they are not just looking for the cheapest insurance. They are looking for quality of cover, too.

That’s why Holava is written on A-rated paper – to give your clients the assurance they need.

2. You can trust us

Holava is a responsible insurer, here for your clients when they need us.

The MGA is well-managed, with over £1m GWP written in the last quarter alone. The underwriting team is experienced and has access to a wealth of data, so they know all about risk.

Insurance is all about trust. Your clients look to you for insurance they can rely on.

Whether it’s a property fire, theft from a commercial vehicle or a life-changing injury, insurance is there to help people. Helping them to restore their business or personal situation to the same position it was in before an accident or incident occurred. Getting them back on track.

For that reason, Holava also works with a good quality claims service, to back up our product offering.

And the products are exclusively available from a company you can trust, too.

Bollington Underwriting has been in business since 1996. We’re here to stay. We write business sustainably, so insurers have confidence in us. That’s why we have 11 different insurers we work with, who trust in us to place your business with them.

3. Choice of products

It’s not always easy for you to find the right policy for your client’s needs. This is especially true in niche markets, where cover is often more difficult to place.

Holava gives you access to new lines of business.

Currently, we offer you property owners’, buy-to-let, craft breweries and goods in transit insurance. There are more new products on the way in 2020.

4. Easy access

When it comes to writing business, we don’t believe in placing barriers in your way.

For example, Holava’s exclusive property owners’ insurance rates are available on Acturis. All you need to do to gain access is to accept our Terms of Business on REG UK.

Access to other Holava products is available to all brokers with an active agency with Bollington Underwriting. There are no minimum levels of trade required to set up an agency.

Unsure if you have an active agency with us? Don’t miss out. Simply give us a call on 01625 348040 to check.

5. Flexibility and quick turnaround

Holava is underwritten by people who know how to price for risk.

We know that every business is unique, so we offer extra flexibility on certain covers. You can even speak with our underwriters, to make sure your client gets the best terms and pricing possible.

We know that time is of the essence, too. That means we look to turn around quotes quickly and offer the best value we can.

It’s clear your clients could benefit from taking out cover with Holava Underwriting. You could, too.

With up to 30% commission on selected product lines, A-rated cover and experienced underwriters, Holava is a welcome addition to the insurers that Bollington Underwriting works with.

If you’d like to find out more about Holava, talk to our Broker Support Team on 01625 348040 or email